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Treasury, Plantation | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Open | 12 Feb 2020

Head of Treasury


Specialisation: Treasury, Plantation

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Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Salary: Open
Type: Permanent
Posted On: 12th February 2020

Client Background & Role Summary:

Our client is one of the largest plantation and agri-business companies with worldwide presence. They are looking for someone to manage the company’s liquidity & risk operations, capital structure, capital markets transactions, and Treasury reporting/forecasting. The position is highly visible requiring an understanding of the business, managing a broad range of external relationships, and effective communication with the internal and external parties i.e Bank Negara Malaysia, bankers, rating agencies, customers, etc. Other roles include:

  • Determining financial strategy and policy
  • Arranging appropriate funding
  • Managing financial risks in an organisation, ensure that significant risks facing the Treasury have been identified, understood, documented and are being actively managed
  • Ensure a company has the capital to meet its obligations, involving raising funds from banks, as well as debt and equity markets and, in some companies, actively trading in the foreign exchange, commodity and money markets.

Key Responsibilities:

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Ensure cashflow position and cash levels of the companies are strictly monitored by deciding on the most efficient and cost effective method to allocate and utilize funds within the Companies, to ensure adequate liquidity for working capital needs and invest short term excess funds. Manage inter-company cash including inter-company lending, dividends and capital injections.
  • Manage all cash management functions by working closely with commercial banks to institute cash concentration, transfer of funds, cost saving initiatives, implement new cash management tools or new bank technologies, product and services to improve cash cycle and simplify company operations and account opening/closures.
  • Manage Plantation’s Companies cash resources within the Plantation Division’s Standard Operating Procedures & Policies, Group Treasury Policies, GPA, BNM Guidelines and other regulatory bodies.

Capital Markets and Fund Raising

  • Identify and establish the companies banking facilities requirement such as new cost-effective credit facilities including negotiating with the bank to achieve better pricing.
  • Continually evaluate alternative long‐term borrowing strategies and make recommendations in accordance with the capital structure guidelines.
  • Ensure no breaches of covenant and to ensure terms and conditions in the termsheet and banking offer letter are properly reviewed/vetted through (coordinated and liaised with Group Treasury, Legal and Tax) and negotiated with the bank.
  • Review the Capital Management Policy and Structure for Plantation Division.
  • Ensure Plantation’s loans are managed and monitored effectively and efficiently within the Plantation Division’s SOPP, Group Policies, BNM Guidelines and other regulatory bodies.

Risk Management

  • Manage the risks and create risk management strategies and implement hedging tactics to mitigate the whole company’s risk—particularly in anticipating
    • market’s interest rates may rise and leave the company pays on its debt obligations; and
    • company’s foreign exchange positions that could also be at risk if exchange rates suddenly worsen.

Credit Rating Agency Relations

  • Manage the relationship with the credit rating agencies i.e Fitch, Moody’s, MARC.
  • Address questions and provide information request to the rating agencies in a timely manner.

Treasury Operations and Controls

  • Ensure timely completion and submission of the following reports for submission to Plantation Consol Team and GHO
    • Quarterly Cashflow Forecast  for Plantation Division (to GHO)
    • Monthly Cash and Borrowings Report (to GHO)
    • Quarterly Financial Schedules i.e Forward Contract, Financial Guarantee, Interest Rate Swap (to Consol team)
  • Ensure timely completion and submission of the following reports to BNM and Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM)
    • International Investment Position (IIP) Report (to BNM)
    • Labuan Offshore Entity (LOE) Report (to BNM)
    • Survey of Outward Foreign Affiliates (to DOSM)
    • Quarterly Report on Export of Goods
  • Review / restructure Interco balances in view of the FRS139 requirements, IHC structure, tax considerations and thin capitalized rating.
  • Ensure M-Plan schedules are timely prepared and submitted within deadline.
  • Ensure compliance with internal controls, policies and procedures. Develop and monitor treasury operational policies.
  • Continuously plan and develop improvements to current Treasury processes.
  • Prepare the Board Paper to be presented to the Board of Directors for approval on the financing exercise and other treasury related matter.
  • Ensure all queries raised by GHO/Subsidiaries/Bank Negara, Banks are promptly attended to and resolved on a timely basis.
  • Liaising with bankers and investors and maintaining positive working relationships.
  • Keeping up to date with financial and industry developments.
  • Provide leadership, guidance and coaching for all direct reports, and secondarily to all Treasury staff, to maintain an engaged and productive workforce; partnering with Human Resources on employee matters.
  • Collaborate with employees in the establishment of clear and concise development plans to ensure succession planning and the advancement of future leaders within the organization.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.
  • At least 15 years working experience with 10 years in treasury operations
  • Strong analytical, financial and systems skills.
  • Strong management skills with the ability to lead cohesive and productive teams.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels of the organization with diplomacy and tact.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience working in global business environment.
  • Knowledge in treasury, financial instruments and banking regulations.
  • Conversant with Treasury Avantgard System, banking products.

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