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Human Resource; Plantation, Sugar & Logistics | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Highly attractive package | 24 Sep 2018

Group Chief Human Resource Officer


Specialisation: Human Resource; Plantation, Sugar & Logistics

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Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Salary: Highly attractive package
Type: 2 years contract
Posted On: 24th September 2018

Client Background & Role Summary:

Our client is the world’s largest producer of Crude Palm Oil (‘CPO’) and the second largest Malaysian palm oil refiner. They have more than 19,000 staff in the group from its subsidiaries, joint-venture companies and associates. Its overseas footprint spans across the globe with operations in eleven countries across Asia, North America and Europe. They are looking for a Group Chief Human Resource Officer.

A human capital leader with strong business acumen, capacity to find, nurture and build talent pool, aptness to create a high performance culture among employees, and ability to harness the strength of organization’s human capital to unleash its energy and potential towards stakeholders’ value creation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Custodian of Company Culture and Strive towards Organizational Excellence and High Performance
    • Lead change management to build and empower Company’s culture towards organization excellence and high performance
    • Drive a high performance culture by using all the planning and performance management processes of the enterprise – strategy development, annual budgeting, setting of KPIs, resource allocation, investment planning, and periodic performance reviews – as opportunities to set and reinforce behaviors consistent with the Company’s stated strategy and performance expectations
    • Spearhead ‘happiness index’ because no culture is deemed whole if employees feel miserable and broken – a good CHRO must find innovative ways to nurture happy and rewarded employees, because they naturally strive to improve individual performance, which in turn will drive financial performance of the Company
    • Steer Company culture to address organizational change, agility, social networking, ethics and values, innovation, customer focus, employee engagement, diversity and inclusiveness, and multiculturalism
  • Relentless Attention to Talent Building
    • Clearly undertake an unsparing human capital gap analysis on the current state of the Company at all levels with respect to what the Company needs to achieve the desired strategic aspirations
    • Formulate a human capital transformational plan to fill the gaps, which may include recruitment & retention, formal training, mentoring, personal coaching, rethinking of competencies required for promotion, as well as functional and geographical rotation
    • Enhance recruitment process to leverage on and align with the digital and social-media driven world, and at the same time reduce the cost and improve efficacy – e.g. Facebook Live or Skype interview
    • Dedicate time to continuously engage with Board, Management, Business Heads and Broader Organization including Ministries and Government Agencies to get first-hand all issues related to human capital, and collaborate with them to address them
    • Be steadfast to closely monitor the development, performance and career progression of key talent pool to ensure that they are constantly challenged and be exposed to competitive environment and customer requirements, so that they could evolve to be competent and skillful future business leaders
    • Champion strategic succession planning for critical roles by way of structured career progression planning of second and third liners, as well as staying abreast with alternative external talents
  • Chief Architect of Organization Readiness to Achieve Strategic Goals
    • Take active steps to assess the fit between jobs and people by crystallizing the job requirements of critical positions and undertaking realistic assessment of current assigned person for the said jobs – should there be a critical mismatch, must realign urgently with the right person capable of executing the job requirements
    • Pay extra attention to critical jobs that has high leverage on Company’s performance, and ensure that the greatest of talent that the Company has to offer to occupy these jobs – be cognizant that 2% of the people in a business drive 98% of the impact
    • Take corrective effort with utmost urgency to overcome any poor fit between critical jobs and the people – a good  GCHRO ensures organizational readiness are at highest levels at all times
    • Be a strategic partner to Board, GCEO, Group Chief Financial Officer (‘GCFO’), Business Leaders and Broader Organization – Human Resources are not to be bureaucratic and biased, but instead a transparent catalyst and enabler of the achievement of strategic goals
  • Skillful Planner of the Compensation System
    • Develop industry-specific and company-specific key performance indicators (‘KPI’) that better orient employees’ behavior towards customer satisfaction, link the business planning cycle towards developing improved capabilities, measure own execution against competitors’, and encourage the efficient use of assets and capital
    • Constantly evolve the KPIs to match changes in customer behavior, technology, competition, and regulation – ensure that the Company always focuses on the right factors
    • Design a comprehensive, competitive and leading compensation strategy to attract, retain and motivate employees whilst constantly aligning towards achievement of Company’s strategic aspirations
    • Collaborate with GCEO and GCFO to ensure that said compensation produces the right impact on behavior, speed and agility of the Company
    • Advise the Board Nomination and Remuneration Committee (‘BNRC’) on the compensation structure with respect to remuneration dynamics in the marketplace to ensure competitiveness to competitors
    • Do not succumb to the perils of the ‘Academic HR’ – a good GCHRO must exercise pragmatism and business acumen to align the human capital variables towards driving business performance and organizational excellence
  • Take Pride in Building People
    • Develop effective learning and human capital development strategy to ensure that the Company’s knowledge trajectory remains refocused on continuous learning and improving of skill sets and capabilities
    • Structure and design internal training programs to equip Company with skilled workforce that would be proficient and competent to execute all job requirements
    • Build an internal knowledge base to capture organizational best practices, internal know-hows, lesson learnt valuable insights and successful case studies – this way, the institutional knowledge does not reside in individuals who may eventually leave the Company, but instead preserved in Company’s knowledge vault, to be made accessible for all current and future employees
  • Value-Add in Managing the HR Department
    • Ensure efficient and effective delivery of HR services such as payroll, hiring, job interviews, job contract negotiation, appraisals, termination, labor relations, and other salient services
    • Develop and enhance HR policies which set out the framework to govern condition of employment, employee behavior, disciplinary procedures, employer-employee relations, decision making on treatment of employees, and other employment matters
    • Be the Chief Negotiator with Labor Unions to preserve and maintain harmony in labor relationship between Company and Unions, whilst still aligning towards achievement of Company’s strategic aspirations
    • Ensure working conditions are non-exploitative by implementing industry-leading human rights framework, such as the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (‘UDHR’) and the International Labour Organization (‘ILO’) Core Conventions


  • Recognized Bachelor’s Degree
  • Possess the above qualities, the ideal GCHRO must embody these core competencies:
    • Integrity
    • Leadership
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Business Acumen
    • Problem Solving Analysis
    • Decision Making
    • Performance Management
    • Results Driven
    • Communication Proficiency
    • Relationship Building
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Comfort with Ambiguity
    • Driving Change
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Emotional IQ
    • Aptitude for Technology
    • Category Management
    • Analytical Analysis

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